by Michel Maetens, Belgium



Hello guys,


My new Ares 150-5 R50 arrived in a perfect condition and I finally had some time to test it.

Before started using my new iStar Comet Hunter, I had a special guide frame build around it. An Alt-Az mount which is nice for star hopping. I've also build a sort of frame for in case I use the scope for contrail spotting, a frequent waste of time of mine...

This  'grip'  and  the  use  of  a  bino-

viewer, the Maxbright 'Terrestrial', which comes with a special prism (build-in glasspath corrector) to get easy focus, this is fantastic!

I use the bino with 2 Hyperion 24mm eyepieces. in combination with the glasspath corrector this gives me a magnification of 60x. Planes show up far bigger then stars or planets, even at high altitudes, so CA is not disturbing.

I also made a pic of the moon ;-) (Prime Focus). Had to try that, was curious for the  amount of CA... as you

can see this is very good, considering no filters were used and the pic is unmodified.

This is truly a very nice scope. It is a pleasure to use it and a pleasure to look through it, and last but not least, it's a pleasure to look at it as well, a very beautiful scope.

 Not yet the opportunity here to look into a real dark sky, but I've already tried on M13 and M57, and wow, this scope is

going to produce and be a star at real dark locations. And to me this is a very portable scope, so I am gonna do a lot more observing then before.

I dream to take it with me once on one of my vacations in Tenerife...  So dark skies over there, and 2000m above sea-level...


Michel Maetens, Belgium